A Bit About Me

My name is Louise

and I myself have always loved art but have never been great at drawing, my passion is COLOURING in! 

I LOVE colouring in and making pictures.  As a child (and adult), I used to take great pride and enjoy the pleasure of choosing which picture to colour in, thinking about what colour combinations to use, getting myself ready and prepared with my pencils/felt-tip pens and then only to get frustrated with the pencils breaking and the pens bleeding through the lines, then I discovered Sand Art!

No more problems!

just incredible pictures, time and time again and each one is completely different from the next. You can let your imagination run wild! A blue giraffe? Why not! A Purple cat? Sure! and if you like sticking to the actual colours, then that’s fantastic too!

Yes, I know I’m an adult,

but the beautiful thing about Sand Art is that anyone can do it!  

I dare you to sit back and not get involved while your little one gets excited about what colour ears their bunny is going to have.  Well there's no need to, as my vision is to make everyone, big and small, an artist whilst having fun.

New Ideas

I am constantly thinking up new ways to introduce this fantastic activity to everyone and anyone. Please visit my Facebook page for my current plans and let me know your views.