Benefits of using Sand Art

No messy hands

The sand is applied directly onto the picture via a bottle making this method ideal for children who don't like getting their hands dirty.

All sand used by Shake a Rainbow is non toxic and conforms to CE regulations, EU guidelines and British Safety standards

No precision needed

The paper sections on the pictures are lifted off revealing a white pre-stuck surface. Removing one piece at a time ensures the colour never "goes over the lines", unless you want it to!

No equipment worries

By using sand to colour the pictures, lost lids, broken pencils and dried up felt tip pens will be a thing of the past, leaving more time to enjoy creating a masterpiece

Can be used by everyone and anyone

Sand art is a fantastic activity for everyone 

from 3 years and up. 

Little ones can have a go with the help of an adult, while bigger children can use the equipment independently, making this a great family pastime.

Sand art can also be adapted to suit different needs and requirements

Can help physical and mental development

By creating a Sand art picture, many different skills are being developed, such as hand to eye 

co-ordination, fine motor skills, dexterity and hand strength, as well as colour recognition

and awareness.

Creating pictures is also very therapeutic and great for relieving stress 

Can improve concentration levels and confidence

Everyone that starts a Sand art picture soon finds themselves immersed in the activity. Concentration levels increase as a result of the artist focusing on a single task .

By being able to express yourselves through Sand art, an artist gains confidence and self-esteem. 

The results can be seen below